Friday, April 16, 2010

Biking is all I do

Unfortunately I have a shit-man-bike whose gears are messed up and who rattles everywhere I take it. However, the one redeeming quality (other than that it does, in fact, go) is its seat, which is a beautiful shade of green.

I ride it to my internship three days a week (the other days too, but not as much) and have become increasingly more in love with bike riding. I think that I'll invest in a good road bike when I get home.

I ride thirty minutes down the main street through the old government quarter from when Bonn was the capital. The buildings were just business buildings when the government moved in, and resumed being business buildings when the government moved out. Men in black suits rolling briefcases in my bike lane give me looks that are mixed between envious and resentful. I can't tell if they are wanting to be me, free and fast on my bike, or if they are unimpressed and irritated that I've gotten in their way. From the German kids whose parents can afford to send them to the English preschool (for another post: how stinkingggggggggg cute they are) I go to Tannenbusch, the poorer part of Bonn. I help the kids there with their English homework, but my ride to Tannenbusch (where there is a high concentration of Middle Eastern immigrants) is much different than to Bad Godesberg (upper middle class). I wanted to somehow explain the shocking disparity that I am confronted with, but all of the sudden I have no words which are not cliche or devoid of real meaning. I'll just say that it's alarming. It's a different world that these kids live in--and they're only 15 min away from each other by car.

That's not what I wanted to write about though! I just wanted to say: Hey! You! Get out of my bike lane!

Also, I love love love cold coffee.

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